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Training is an integral part of the whole management process. It is the corner-stone of sound management. It is a practical and vital necessity. Creating an efficient and effective organization. Improving employee performance, Updating employee skills. Training is widely accepted as problem-solving device. It moulds the employees attitudes and helps them to achieve a better co-operation with the company and a greater loyalty to it. It helps in reducing dissatisfaction, complaints, grievances and absenteeism, reduces the rate of turnover.

INEX consultancy is an initiative to provide soft skills, behavioral and management development training programs to the corporate houses.

In today's competitive global business world, we have no choice but to continuously gain, train and retain talent. Our programs are designed to help executives in broadening their understanding, improving their skills and preparing them to face the challenges at work.

Not only at workplace, our Mind body (behavioural) training programs help people to deal with all personal and social challenges as well.

INEX is a performance improvement catalyst, which aims at developing the human resources of an organization. It believes that the growth of any organization solely depends on the attitude and behavior of its human resources. It ensures that the behavioral change through a suitable training program, takes place in a structured format. And this is achieved extensively drawing upon years of industry experience of its eminent and esteemed trainers from varied industries, functions and business challenges.

Our approach is to develop company specific solutions instead of offering "One size fits all" phenomena. Our solutions are highly result oriented, value-based and derived from organizational experiences contributing towards alternative pedagogy, as we believe that the need of every organization is different, thus it requires innovations in delivery all the time.

We at INEX strive to bring about change in the thinking process of people with the help of competent facilitators, who specialize in specific areas. INEX carries its strength.

Our Aims

  • To enable the transfer of knowledge and competencies.
  • Sharpening of skills
  • Changing of attitudes and behaviors.
  • To facilitate and enhance performance.
  • Building capabilities

Our Vision

Our vision is to create very strong and long lasting relationship wit our clients, deliver cost effective and result oriented trainings, in a very innovative, structured and ethical manner, to help them achieve their business objectives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire excellence through leadership development trainings.

Our Values

  • Develop People – Our core strength lies in meeting, communicating, understanding, helping people in their personal as well as professional development.
  • Innovation – We always strive to bring innovations in our services, our offerings and in our training delivery.
  • Continuous Improvement – We believe in continuous improvement in our services, knowledge and skills to remain as a preferred training provider for our esteemed clients.
  • Customer Delight and Satisfaction – With our innovative ideas and creative thinking in relationship building and our competencies in making blissful clients, we try to achieve higher level customer delight and satisfaction.