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Training Need Analysis

The very first step to any training is Training Need Analysis. TNA is the process to bridge the gap between “What is” and what should be”. Training needs analysis is a systematic process of understanding training requirements. Training needs analysis process is a series of activities conducted to identify problems or other issues in the workplace, and to determine whether training is an appropriate response.

The needs analysis is usually the first step taken to cause a change. This is mainly because a needs analysis specifically defines the gap between the current and the desired individual and organizational performances.

A needs analysis often reveals the need forwell-targeted training areas. However, we must keep in mind that training is not always the best way to try to close a particular gap between an organization’s goals and its actual performance. We, with the help of our competent trainers, help our esteemed clients get a clear idea of the problem, look at all possible remedies and report on the findings to management before deciding on the best solution.

The reasons for conducting a training needs analysis are

  • To determine whether training is needed.
  • To determine causes of poor performance.
  • To determine content and scope of training.
  • To determine desired training outcomes.
  • To provide a basis of measurement.
  • To gain management support.

It is conducted at three stages - at the level of organisation, individual and the job, each of which is called as the organisational, individual and job analysis. Once these analyses are over, the results are collated to arrive upon the objectives of the training program.

Steps we follow to conduct TNA

  • Step 1 - Perform a "GAP" Analysis
    There are two parts to this: 1- Current Situation, 2 – Desired Outcome.
  • Step 2 - Identify priorities and Importance.
  • Step 3 - Identify causes of Performance problems and/or opportunities.
  • Step 4 - Identify possible solutions and growth opportunities.

When properly done, a needs analysis is a wise investment for the organization. It saves time, money and effort by working on the right problems. A well-performed analysis provides the information that can lead to solutions that focus on the areas of greatest need.